FLSA Collective Action in Arbitration

Plain Text or Arbitration Clause Allows FLSA Collective Action in Arbitration In DirecTV v. Arndt, 2013 WL 5718384 (Oct. 23,2013), the 11th Circuit, applying Oxford Health Plans v. Sutter, 133 S.Ct. 2064 (2013), upheld an arbitrator’s decision interpreting a AAA clause—which did not explicitly mention class arbitration or class actions—as permitting employees to bring a […]

Protect Your Digital Assets

When a person becomes unable to communicate through illness or dies, they often leave behind important information, photographs, documents and details at various web sites in cyberspace. How do you, the next of kin, Trustee or Personal Representative gain quick and easy access this virtual treasure trove of information? If the disabled or the deceased […]

Diagnosed with Cancer at 60

It was September 4, 2013. It had been a long weekend because I was waiting to hear about the results of my prostate biopsy. The biopsy had been ordered by my Urologist as a result of my PSA number going up about 2 points from a 7.2 to a 9.0 between January 2013 and July […]