I am the Ethics Counsel for the Oklahoma Bar Association. This is a personal recommendation from me, not the Association, but my highest personal recommendation is readily made.

I first met Anthony “Dan” Woska about 30 years ago when we both represented creditors in a large bankruptcy filed in the Western District of Oklahoma. Dan was chosen to lead a group of working interest owners regarding their claims against the debtor. His selection was significant because self-made oil and gas company owners can be a difficult group to lead. They can be very strong-willed and very independent. They frankly have to be given the challenges and competition in the oil fields, especially back then. Dan has gifts of intellect, practicality and diplomacy which led to a successful result for those owners.

Since then, we have stayed in touch more or less through the years. Dan has handled matters not only in Oklahoma but nationally, as a lawyer, mediator, and arbitrator. He has remained an extraordinary person and lawyer since then, always handling the challenges of the profession and life with grace, humor, and perspective.

The single most important thing for you to know about Dan is that he will add value to your school and his classmates. He will bring something to the table far beyond his own need for this education. He will bring rich diverse experiences from all over the country, intelligent insights and a unique humanity and empathy for people and his fellow lawyers.

—Travis Pickens, Ethics Counsel Oklahoma State Bar